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drone training San Diego

Drone Training San Diego 

San Diego is a paradise for anyone interested in aerial photography. Stunning landscapes, combined with mild weather, make drone training in San Diego a popular option for both commercial and hobbyist photographers. Code 3 Media is now sharing our expertise in our drone training services. And due to changes in FAA policy, self-certification for remote pilots and drone operators is now more accessible than ever.

About Our Drone Training Course

Our course is designed to give both professional and hobbyist photographers the skills they need to safely and effectively operate a drone camera. Some of our clients are looking to pass the FAA Aeronautical Knowledge Test for a Remote Pilot Certificate, while others are simply looking to build on their existing skills and have fun. We use a combination of written, visual, and instructor-led training in our drone pilot education strategy. Our course includes two levels:

Level 1: Ground School and Hands on Basic Flight
Level 2: Advanced Flight Maneuvers, Mapping and Data Processing

Each lesson is aimed at helping students become safer, more stable drone pilots, while helping them sharpen their aerial photography skills and knowledge. Each student will receive the UAV Pilot Certificate, for a total of 42 hours of training.

Our Training Instructors

Our expert team members are knowledgeable instructors, drawing on years of experience in the professional aerial photography industry. Our pilots are qualified on the DJI S1000+, Inspire 1 and 2, All Phantom models, and Matrice Series, in addition to other small UAVs. Depending on the type of equipment you’re learning to operate, they will walk you through basic orientation, flight maneuvers, camera operation skills, settings, indicators, emergency situations, and safety practices. Many of our lessons feature tips and tricks for dealing with unexpected changes in weather and equipment malfunctions.

FAA Drone Certificate of Authorization 

We offer a certification package for students that are interested in professional and commercial drone training. In this course, we work with EmpowerUAV to train students on the knowledge and processes involved in obtaining the FAA’s Certificate of Authorization (COA). This certificate is required for aerial photography in certain civil lands, and is an important component for professional photographers in the drone industry.

Best Practices & Troubleshooting 

One of the most valuable aspects of our drone training lessons is our coverage of best practices and troubleshooting techniques. Our experienced pilots have been through it all: changing weather conditions, faulty batteries, lost GPS, and broken indicators. These pitfalls are hard to learn through reading only, which makes our hands-on approach to training particularly useful. More importantly, our courses focus a great deal on safety practices and cover topics like liability, air-traffic control spaces, and privacy law.

Understanding Software Applications

In addition to learning the mechanics of flight and pilot operations, our drone course covers software training. Drone photography not only relies on skillful operation of the UAV, but a detailed knowledge of the software and computer programs that support it. While this aspect does change with new technology over time, our instructors can provide a detailed overview of the basics of drone software, giving students a wealth of base knowledge.

Join Our Community

The world of aerial photography has been attracting enthusiasts around the world for decades. Now that drone photography is more affordable than ever, the community of remote pilots is growing at an exponential rate. There are endless meetups, online resources, courses, and forums that cover the knitty-gritty of drone photography. We are thrilled to be a part of this new wave of UAV training and excited to see what the future brings.

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