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aerial photography San Diego

Aerial Photography San Diego

Code 3 Media is proud to offer some of the highest quality aerial photography in San Diego. Our team is passionate about photo documentation, and strives to provide the best service and comprehensive offerings in Southern California. We invest in the most technologically-advanced equipment in the industry in order to give our clients reliable results. Our list of clients grows every year in an increasingly broad range of industries.

Industries We Serve

There is a growing need for high-quality aerial imagery and data across San Diego and its surrounding counties. We work with clients from sectors including agricultural, architectural, governmental, environmental non-profits, the energy sector, and public organizations. Our services are also useful for marketing and tourism companies, and we are seeing an increasing demand for drone photography for private applications.

Agricultural & Environmental Photography

Contemporary agriculture relies on advanced aerial photography to inform strategy and improve yields. Our UAVs are equipped with industry-specific tools designed to collect information on crops and farmlands. Our aerial photography is able to provide insight on soil moisture levels, weed cover, fertilizer application, crop health, growth rates, and more. Aerial photography in San Diego is also implicit in environmental research, land degradation mapping, and habit surveillance for endangered plant and animal species.

Land Analysis and Mapping

Aerial photography has been used for decades by private and public organizations to map and analyze land. In recent years, advances to drone technology and the increase in the availability of these tools has spurred the growth and maturation of the aerial photography industry. At Code 3 Media, we offer highly-sophisticated land mapping and surveying services, including elevation and contour assessments, 3D modelling, volume projections, and interactive information displays.

Public Security and Firefighting Services

Aerial photography is an invaluable tool that public organizations are utilizing to improve public safety, reduce wildfire damages, and aid search and rescue missions. We are proud to work with several public institutions on both preventative and emergency projects that are helping to better understand wildfire patterns and causes, search for missing individuals, locate flood or fire victims, and more efficiently direct rescue crews.

Our Technology and Equipment

Code 3 Media operates some of the most advanced UAV equipment available on the commercial market. Our pilots operate UAV models including the DJI S1000+, Inspire 1 and 2, all Phantom models, and the Matrice Series. We use 4K resolution cameras in our aerial photography to provide high-resolution shots. Our UAVs can also host “FLIR” (Forward-looking Infrared) thermal cameras, which are smaller than a dime. This camera has a focal plane array of 80 x 60 and is crucial in our wildfire aerial photography missions.

Professional Editing for Aerial Photography


Many of our clients not only require raw footage of a site, but also request edited photos and videos that clearly convey key information about the site in question. We employ a combination of different techniques to provide clients with highly-polished content, including basic editing, 3D modeling, interactive interfaces, and volume and contour mapping. Our 20+ years of experience of photo and video editing gives us the know-how to tackle any editing request we receive.

Aerial Photography FAQs:

Do I need a permit for the shoot?

There are several other circumstances where authorization or a permit is not required, however this depends on the region, height, and time of the shoot. For government entities wishing to operate a UAV in a civil airspace, a Certificate of Waiver or Authorization (COA) is required. This is commonly relevant for law enforcement, firefighting, disaster relief, and other government applications. Code 3 Media is FAA approved to support these missions. Contact us to discuss the regulations surrounding your project.

What if it’s foggy or rainy during our shoot?

Luckily, aerial photography in San Diego is typically a breeze. On average, we see roughly 150 sunny days out of the year, making for good odds for a clear shoot. Our team will work with you to determine the ideal shooting conditions, time of day, and time of year to collect footage.

What are your rates?

Unfortunately, since every project we take on has unique challenges and needs, we can’t provide a standard price. While aerial photography is one of our more expensive offerings, we have a range of options available to suit different budgets. Our team is always on hand to discuss your options and provide a quote.

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