digital aerial photography

Digital Aerial Photography

Code 3 Media is proud to offer the best in digital aerial photography. Our skilled team consistently delivers professional digital aerial photography for clients across a huge range of industries including agriculture, real estate, tourism, marketing, construction, and more. With several years of experience and the most advanced equipment on the market, Code 3 Media creates crisp and comprehensive imagery for websites, marketing projects, construction works, remodels, or property sales. We’ve worked with private companies, government organizations, real estate agents and others to create breathtaking, hi-def digital aerial photography that conveys the perfect message for each unique application.  

Agricultural Aerial Photography

Some of the first needs for high quality digital aerial photography came from the agriculture industry. In order to promote healthy crop yields, large-scale farmers required a way to efficiently monitor fields for moisture content, pest infestations, overexposure, weeds, growth patterns, and more. To meet this need, Code 3 media offers multi-spectral imaging and other customized solutions in digital aerial photography. Instead of sending surveyors out to monitor the fields, agriculturalists are now able to quickly and accurately monitor crop issues using digital aerial photography. These days, most large-scale agriculture companies rely on digital media to ensure a healthy and consistent season.

Forestry & Park Management Aerial Photography

Recent droughts and devastating fires have made land management increasingly crucial for both public and private owners. Land managers must adequately survey for public safety using digital aerial photography. By utilizing drone cameras, Code 3 Media can quickly and accurately help identify potentially hazardous areas and monitor large reaches of forests and grasslands. In fact, we are proud to work with multiple public safety enterprises to help promote better management via this new technology. Contact us today to see how we can leverage the power of digital media in your land management activities.

Real Estate Digital Aerial Photography

Once the real estate world took notice of how farmers were utilizing digital aerial photography, they quickly realized that this technology could be used to showcase their clients’ properties. At Code 3 Media, we work with landowners, real estate agents, developers, and architects to create stunning aerial photography of building sites, developments, and large scale properties. By working with the most advanced lenses and flying equipment, we can create some of the most polished digital aerial photography in the business. You can use our imagery to properly showcase your assets, find the right buyer, and close the deal.

Marketing & Tourism Assets

Theme parks, hotels, resorts, and other tourist destinations are prime locations for filming beautiful digital aerial photography. Whether you’re looking to show off a sprawling, grassy golf course or to memorialize a colorful theme park, Code 3 Media can help you get the exciting footage you envision. Our experienced team operates specialized drones for a range of locations and account for things like seasonality, lighting, and how to capture the human traffic below. We’ll work with your marketing team to ensure that our digital aerial photography shoot perfectly reflects the spirit and nature of your destination, helping to ensure that you attract the right visitors for your next busy season.

Construction & Industrial Photography

Code 3 Media works with several public and private entities to generate highly-detailed and accurate digital aerial photography for industrial and construction sites around the country. We understand the need for precision in this line of work and can collaborate with your project management team to ensure that your aerial footage is correctly captured and delivered on time. Code 3 Media has a dedicated team committed to editing, transferring, and naming files according to your project specifications, and is able to provide rushed delivery as needed.

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